Time to Drop Hay

31 Dec
IMG_5940 copy

The view from the upper level of our lovely barn, and our hayloft.

Today was again uneventful. Sigh. No riding for me. I brought Gambit into the barn for a good brushing, which was a challenge due to the giant wall of ice/snow that fell off the roof. I tried to lead him around the worst of it and then straight along the wall of the barn where the snow wasn’t as built up. It worked okay, but I don’t think I’ll be bringing him inside quite as often, at least until the snow melts down a bit. Of course as soon as I led Gambit inside, Copper was all excited to follow him and started climbing over the snow. His feet are sore because of all the ice, but I still had Gambit with me so I couldn’t really stop him from coming. Stupid horse.

Then he realized he wasn’t allowed in the barn so he was stuck in between the barn and the snow hill. Didn’t phase him a bit. On the other hand, Gambit was super anxious the whole time because he couldn’t really see Copper but he knew he had followed us. Nevertheless I gave him a solid brushing, bravely facing the never-ending dandruff storm that is winter. I also put out some hay for them. They waste SO much. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to minimize the amount they don’t eat. We have to put out two separate piles because Copper and Gambit will eat together no problem but they won’t let Darcy near the feeder. We have to put hay loose in the shelter for Darcy, which results in way too much waste. I’m thinking of getting some kind of hockey netting and covering the hay in the feeder so they can’t fling it about. Maybe I’ll put up some hay nets in the shelter too. Hmm. Oh well, there’s no light left now anyways, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

King of the hill

King of the hill


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